Our vision

Our goal is the development of a platform-independent prototype application for gamification of music education to run in real-time on mobile devices.

Emused will make use of state-of-the-art algorithms for audio content analysis and signal processing which allow real-time processing of users' performance.

Adaptivity to the users' skill level and user engagement will be considered from a gamification point of view where problems are solved and learning goals are reached through game thinking and game dynamics.

Emused should be able to adapt according to users' performance aiming at keeping users motivated and challenged without leading to frustration.

A central database will be established to gather information from the users' performance through a crowd-sourcing strategy. The collected information can be analyzed to draw improvement strategies for the learning process, to adapt the application's content, and to refine its adaptation methods.

Works with any instrument

Emused helps you learn to improvise with your own instrument. Given that different musical instruments have different transpositions, registers, playing techniques, and offer different performance possibilities, advanced signal processing algorithms are being developed to guarantee that you can play with any instrument of your choice.

Easy to use

You will be using Emused in a breeze, thanks to its intuitive graphical user interface, designed to make easier your learning process. User experience studies and carefully designed tests are being conducted to guarantee a fun and educational experience. Our goal is that while using Emused, your focus will mainly be in enjoying your musical experience and learning how to improvise in the process. This requires careful content selection and structuring, creative and intuitive designs, and robust adaptation and signal processing algorithms.

Unlimited content

Instead of being limited to a set of practice songs, Emused generates content automatically. Each time you open Emused, algorithms for Automatic Content Generation will be used to create new exercises and give you a completely new musical experience.

You can keep practicing difficult keys, chords, and scales without falling into repetitive and boring practice sessions!

Adapts to your own level

EMused tracks automatically your level and performance. This means that all the exercises will be created to keep you challenged and engaged. Game adaptivity is a crucial element in the development of Emused

Keep track of your progress

Emused gives you real-time feedback so you can easily track your performance, review where you are having difficulties, and improve your performance level.

We are working hard to guarantee that every time you use Emused, your experience will be challenging, entertaining, and relevant to your own level. The goal is to be able to automatically detect your level and create content that is not too easy for you to get bored nor too difficult to get frustrated.

Have fun while learning

Game elements and E-Learning methods are carefully being studied to make EMused a fun learning experience. No more boring practice sessions!

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